Atoclassic Skin Calming Set

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  • Atoclassic Skin Calming Set
  • Atoclassic Skin Calming Set
  • Atoclassic Skin Calming Set
  • Atoclassic Skin Calming Set


Atoclassic Skin Calming Set

Sold out
9 reviews

This is a great duo for skin conditions such as rosacea and atopic dermatitis and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

*Special Set prices are subject to change at any time

  1. Use Real Tonic Moist Mist to mist face from a distance of about 10 inches whenever skin is in need of moisture and refreshment AND/OR use with a cotton pad as a toner during skincare routine.
  2. After toning the skin with Real Tonic Moist Mist, apply a small amount on the face, paying special attention to sensitive or irritated areas.

Full ingredients list for each product can be found on the ingredients section of the individual product page:

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  • What is your age? 25-34
  • What is your skin type? CombinationSensitive
  • What are your skin concerns? AcneHyper-pigmentationPores
Affordable set and a great introduction to hanbang!

This set is a really good deal and is a wonderful introduction to Hanbang skincare (Korean traditional holistic medicine). I appreciate that unlike most Korean Hanbang skincare, there is no herbal/ginseng fragrance. I usually find that scent to be overwhelming. I think these products are very calming and make my skin feel plump; I also like that nothing feels sticky and it absorbs into the skin quickly. I only have two slight complaints and it involves the packaging. I find that the mist when I spray it always tickles my nose! I have to hold my breath because the mist causes the toner to go up my nose, and makes me sneeze. Secondly, I find that the essence's pump dispenses too much product if I'm not careful about pressing down gently. In terms of the products themselves, I have no complaints. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and it really soothes my skin!

Julie .
  • What are your skin concerns? AcneDehydrationSkin tone/ texturePores
  • What is your skin type? CombinationSensitive
  • What is your age? 18-24
Such a great deal

This set is perfect for those who are thinking about introducing hanbang skincare into their routine. The set is a really great deal for one, and the products are lovely. The packaging is also really nice too and I love having them displayed which also encourages me to use the products so that's a bonus. The essence is a gel formula, and comes in a pump bottle so the product remains hygienic which I prefer. It is hydrating and soothing and works well with other layers of skincare or under makeup. The mist is also great although I wish it came in a larger bottle as I go through it quite quickly. This does mean it is very handbag friendly though and a good product for travelling. Just like the essence, it works well under and over layers of skincare and makeup and is soothing and hydrating and I detect no scent from both products so great for those who avoid fragrance and those who have sensitive skin like me. You wont regret the purchase if you do decide to get the set.

Wendy R.
  • What are your skin concerns? Anti-agingDehydrationSkin tone/ textureHyper-pigmentation
  • What is your skin type? Sensitive
  • What is your age? 35-44
I literally cannot love these products enough!

[Performance & Thoughts ] - I love both of these products so much & I am so thrilled to have been chosen by @bemusedkorea to try & review these products. I am only sorry that my review is so late. Soothing Origin Essence ➡️ This product quite simply rocks. It really helps my rosacea by calming it & reducing redness & heat in my cheeks. I love that it dries into a matte finish & serves almost as a makeup primer. I love that it does not pill. I love the smell. It’s subtle, but makes you feel like you are doing something good for your skin. I used a small amount of this on my chest after getting sunburn (yes, I used sunscreen) on my cruise & it really helped. Soothing Moist Mist ➡️ There are not enough emojis to express how much I love this mist. I love mists to start with, but this one... amazing. I love the packaging; this mist is dispensed so finely that it’s perfect over makeup. It’s cooling & reduces redness & heat immediately in rosacea prone cheeks. I literally apply this 5-6 times per day & it doesn’t bother my makeup at all. In fact, I think it could be used as a makeup setting mist. I took this on my cruise & used it anytime my face felt hot or dry. It was perfect. [Final Thoughts ] - The Essence retails for $34 on BeMused Korea’s website. The Mist retails for $13 also on BeMused Korea’s website. It is currently sold out & I completely understand why! It is an awesome mist with great ingredients for an amazing price (subliminal message ▶️ buy this). I would definitely purchase both of these products & as soon as the mist is available again, I will be getting a backup. Great products, great brand. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how awesome @bemusedkorea is. They have top notch products that are hard to find, amazing customer service by knowledgeable representatives who are super friendly & helpful, great prices & super fast shipping. They always include a little handwritten note of how much they appreciate you & they include a ton of awesome samples. Anytime I am looking to make a #kbeauty haul, @bemusedkorea is the first place I turn. No, I have not been paid to plug them. [Overall Rating] - Essence ➡️ /5; Mist ➡️ /5

  • What are your skin concerns? Anti-agingDehydrationSkin tone/ texture
  • What is your skin type? DrySensitive
  • What is your age? 35-44
Would make a great gift for a sensitive skinned friend

Loved using this duo, especially the Origin Essence because it was such a pretty, fast absorbing gel texture. Both passed the ultimate test of being able to soothe the redness and stinging I get from my infrequent use of chemical exfoliation (very gentle AHA and PHA), because I'm THAT sensitive to acids. By the end of my long routine, my skin has calmed down, with no lingering sensitivity the next day, and skin appears more even-toned and brighter. My skin drank both up, they provided light hydration at the beginning of my routine and absorbed completely, leaving no residue, just happy skin, ready for my next skincare layers. I also want to mention the packaging is not only gorgeous, but the essence pump is hygienic and easy to use, and the mist is quite fine compared to some that feel like they're spitting on me.

  • What is your age? 25-34
  • What is your skin type? Dry
  • What are your skin concerns? DehydrationSkin tone/ texturePores
A good start for hanbang skincare

The value for this set is very great, which you cannot find anywhere else cheaper (from what I know). The essence: It gives that immediate plumping effect and a moist skin. It can cause stickiness if being used too much. It soothes skin a little but more in a subtle way. The ingredients are full of medicinal herbs used in the traditional Chinese medicine. The mist: hanbang ingredients as well. It is for reducing redness or irritated skin. I feel this hydrates the face well, although during a breakout, it stung a bit on certain area, but when my face was calmer, it didn't sting at all. Overall, Atoclassic Real Tonic Soothing Calming Set is a good start for those who are curious about hanbang skincare. Both products are armed with medicinal herbs ingredients and safe for every one, every age to use.

Be Mused Korea Atoclassic Skin Calming Set ReviewBe Mused Korea Atoclassic Skin Calming Set ReviewBe Mused Korea Atoclassic Skin Calming Set Review