THE LAB by blanc doux Prebiotic-Cera™ Cream

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    • Restore your skin's microbiome to a healthy, balanced state with the PREBIOTIC-CERA™ Cream. This deeply nourishing yet lightweight cream uses the novel approach of combining Ceramides, Probiotics, and PREBIOME™️ to improve the skin barrier for healthier skin that's velvety soft and stress-free.

      Here's how the PREBIOTIC-CERA™ Cream can improve your skin:

      Those with a compromised skin barrier or sensitivity will benefit the most from this cream. If your skin is feeling dull, unhealthy, or sensitized, there's a good chance your skin's microbiome is unbalanced. The PREBIOTIC-CERA™ Cream contains nutrients that allow skin flora AKA 'the good bacteria' that live on your skin to flourish. This will improve your overall skin health and comfort.

      This soft, nourishing cream soothes damaged, irritated, or stressed skin by effectively improving the skin's barrier function and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors.

      Ceramides - 5 types of Ceramides help to create a natural barrier to prevent permeability to lock in moisture in the skin for softer, healthy skin.

      ProbioticLactobacillus strengthens skin's natural defence against sensitivity, provides instant relief and, over time, helps reduce redness.

      PREBIOME™️ - Obtained by advanced fermentation technology, PREBIOME™️ helps to improve the skin's microbiome and natural health of the skin. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, strengthens the skin barrier, and restores skin moisture and sebum level to ideal skin levels.

      50 ml / 1.7 fl oz