Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry First Essence

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    • Discover the transformative power of Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry First Essence—an innovative skincare solution meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Immerse yourself in a luxurious blend featuring high-density Resveratrol capsules sourced from premium French grapes, Vitamin A from Cranberry, and Upcycled Grape Seed Oil, offering a truly nourishing experience.

      Why Choose Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry First Essence?
      Radiant Skin Boost: Revitalize your skin with the luxurious, gel-like essence texture that encapsulates potent antioxidants from high-density Resveratrol capsules. Feel the full vitality of French grapes as the essence melts into your skin, leaving it visibly plump and radiantly healthier

      Revitalizing Delivery System: Experience an advanced encapsulating technology that delivers intensive skincare benefits to your skin. The gel-like essence glides effortlessly, delivering intensive skincare benefits that provide a sumptuous lift. Feel your skin come alive with firmness and vibrancy.

      Youthful Skin Plumping & Glow: Feel the silkiness of Resveratrol promoting natural plumpness and radiance, imparting a rejuvenating sensation for a youthful glow.

      Vitamin A Boost: Derived from cranberry, Cranbetinol mimics the effects of Retinol (Vitamin A), promoting skin vitality and contributing to a healthier-looking appearance.

      High-Density Resveratrol Capsules (from French Grapes) - Potent antioxidant for boosting skin condition.

      Vegan Capsulizing Delivery System - Advanced technology for optimal ingredient delivery.

      Cranbetinol (from Cranberry) - Peptide with effects similar to Retinol, enhancing skin vitality.

      Upcycled Grape Seed Oil - Sustainably derived for deep hydration with high absorption.

      Elevate your slow-aging routine with Dr. Ceuracle Vegan Active Berry First Essence—an eco-luxe blend of nature's finest ingredients encapsulated for your skin's vitality and well-being. 

      150 ml / 5.07 fl oz