Be Mused Korea is a Seoul-based online curation shop bringing you the best in cruelty-free Korean skincare with clean formulations. We're here to help you discover unique, high-quality Korean skincare.


We don't just curate anything that's luxurious or popular—we're relentless about examining ingredients & formulations. We test each product for a minimum of 2 months on various skin types and make sure they provide you with maximum effectiveness without compromising your skin.


Be Mused Korea is an authorized dealer for each of our brands. We work directly and closely with our brands to be the bridge—the muse—between you and our brands.


We’re selective with our brand curations and are conscientious about sustainable practices in beauty. All our brands are always cruelty-free with various vegan-friendly options.


Using quality skincare is self-care! We’re passionate about self-care and bring you the best of Korean skincare to enhance your self-care routine.


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- The BMK Team


Growing up in Toronto with a Canadianized, yet very Korean family, Korean-style beauty rituals were commonplace at home.

I grew up watching both my mom and grandmom taking the time to double cleanse every night, and the Sulwhasoo peel-off mask was a regular household item. Along with my esthetician/makeup artist older sister, experimenting with beauty products was a part of life since my early teens.

Being surrounded by beauty-centric women eventually led me to get my own makeup artist certificate and start beauty blogging as a hobby. Even though I decided to pursue a career as a psychologist instead of professionally diving into the beauty industry, my passion for beauty always kept me connected to the beauty community. I found myself spending a lot of my free time researching beauty products, rituals, and the sciences behind them. 

When I first landed in Korea over 10 years ago, I was still clutching my SKII Facial Treatment Essence and Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Cream, which at the time were my holy grail products. Living in Seoul, I started discovering skincare products that were a fraction of the price I was used to, yet the quality and benefits were top-notch. Sure, I had tried a lot of Korean brands even before moving to Korea, but the brands that were available to me in Canada/US 10+ years ago were immensely different to what I found in Korea.

Living in a country where obtaining glowing skin is a part of the culture, I’ve learn the true value of the skin-first concept and the importance evaluating products based on their formulations. Our skin not only affects our health and appearance but also deeply affects our mental health and well-being.

I hope that the products we curate at Be Mused Korea can truly benefit your lifestyle!

Lisa Kim 

Be Mused Korea Founder & Curator