HSGN Retinally Liposomal Retinal Cream

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    • Looking for the perfect Retinol cream? Meet the ultimate all-in-one ingredient, Retinol’s big sister, Retinalnow stabilized and formulated to perfection by HSGN! The HSGN Retinally Liposomal Retinal Cream is a concentrated next-level well-aging cream with stabilized 0.05% Retinal.


      • Prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles
      • Brightens and evens out skin tone and discoloration
      • Builds skin density, firmness, and elasticity
      • Smooths out uneven skin texture
      • Pore refining and clearing

      The HSGN Retinally Retinal Cream is formulated to deliver faster cellular turnover and collagen stimulation that results in visible wrinkle and discoloration reduction. Experience a smooth and soft cream application that absorbs effortlessly without disturbing your existing skincare routine products.

      HSGN is a science-driven R&D-based skincare brand that brought us the best 2022 SkinCeuticals' Vitamin C serum dupe, the HSGN Pure 15% Vitamin C E Ferulic Acids Serum, and they are ALWAYS meticulous in quality and synergistic ingredient concentrations that deliver results!


      • Retinal 0.05%
      • Niacinamide 2%
      • Panthenol 0.75%
      • Allantoin 0.1% 
      • Squalane 0.1% 
      • Alpha-Bisabolol 0.5%
      • Adenosine 0.04% 
      • Hyaluronic Acid 0.1%
      • Ceramide/ Cholesterol/ Fatty Acid 0.3%, 0.1%, 0.1%


      The Kolmar Liposome technology used by HSGN offers deeper, safer, and faster delivery of Retinal to your skin while the secure 7-layer tube packaging with an inner airless lock guarantees the stability of potency till the last squeeze!

      • Retinal is known to be 11 times faster in benefits compared to Retinol
      • Retinoids are known to be unstable and sensitive to light and air. It’s difficult to produce a product that will continue to be effective after first use. But Liposome technology and the 7-layer tube + airless inner lock make it possible!


      • A seasoned expert of Retinol or prescription Tretinoin that needs a gentle yet effective daily Retinol product
      • A Retinol newbie that wants a gentle yet concentrated all-in-one Retinol skincare product
      • All skin types that want an all-in-one well-aging skincare product that can improve skin texture and tone within 2 weeks

      This can be safely used around the eyes or other areas of concern for treatment and preventative measures, or used on the entire face as overnight revitalizing treatment. 

      This product should be used only during the night and avoided during pregnancy.

      20 ml / 0.68 fl oz