Celimax Oil Control Capsule Essence

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    • Keep the oiliness away while adding the hydration your skin craves!

      If you have oily or combination skin that gets shiny and greasy during the day, this is the essence you need! The Oil Control Capsule Essence is a multi-functioning essence that provides 3-in-1 benefits.

      ✔️ Oil balancing - controls sebum production 
      ✔️ Pore controlling - minimizes pore sizes
      ✔️ Provides a healthy dose of hydration 

      The Celimax Oil Control Capsule Essence keeps your skin hydrated while controlling overactive sebum production. It can effectively reduce oiliness and minimize pore size by balancing the oil and water levels of your skin while providing a skin barrier protecting hydration. 

      EPS Seamat - A water-soluble marine Exopolysaccharide that helps absorb excess oil on the skin while adding soothing hydration. It can be powerfully mattifying to help reduce overall shine and greasiness but still keep the skin comfortable and hydrated without dryness.

      Anti Sebum P - A special complex formulated with Evening Primrose to regulate sebum production, Arrowroot to absorb oils while promoting natural healing, Longleaf Pine Needle to purify acne-prone/oily skin, and Japanese Elm Root Bark for its anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.

      ATL Magicsphere™ - Encapsulated Ceramide capsules that add moisture to the skin to stabilize the skin barrier.

      Tremella Fuciformis (Snow Mushroom) Extract - Improves the level of Hyaluronic Acids in the body, which can help retain moisture and improve the texture of the skin. The polysaccharides in Snow Mushroom support fibroblasts which helps maintain skin integrity.

      * This product is hypoallergenic and clinically approved for oil-balancing properties.

      30 ml / 1.01 fl. oz