Moss Hand & Body Wash Pause

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    • Experience a moment of tranquility as you step away from your daily routine and immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of Moss Hand and Body Wash Pause. Give your body and mind the break they deserve.

      Moss Hand & Body Wash is expertly crafted to meet the highest standards of Korean skincare while delivering an exquisite fragrance that city dwellers crave.

      Pause Fragrance: Misty Forest - Lichen - Moss - Wet Earth - Green Fig
      Fresh, green scent from moss, grass-filled forest surrounded by fog and wet earth.

      Moss's exclusive complex, Phytonical™, is a proprietary blend meticulously developed by Moss, combining four carefully selected extracts that capture the life force and healing qualities of nature. Sourced from the tiniest mosses to pristine forest plants and trees, this ingredient aids in the rejuvenation of rough skin, promoting a healthier complexion. (Phytonical™ = Icelandic Moss Extract, True Rose of Jericho Extract, Silver Birch Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Extract)

      Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, this hand and body wash boasts a mildly acidic formula that ensures gentle and safe skin cleansing and conditioning.

      FRAGRANCE: A rich concentration of fragrance envelops you in a subtle, yet enduring scent. Verified premium fragrances, approved by the International Fragrance Association, are incorporated at a 3-4% rate for an extended olfactory experience.

      PAPER: The packaging is crafted from FSC-certified paper that is recyclable. Please open along the convenient easy-cut line. LABEL: The eco-friendly ECF paper label easily peels off the container. Before use, remove the label to unveil the concealed fragrance narrative.

      DISPENSER: Engineered with a container and cap to minimize exposure to air, preserving optimal freshness. Use 1-2 times before switching to the pump cap.

      PACKAGING: Moss is steadfast in its commitment to reducing the use of plastic and vinyl. Recycled paper boxes, paper tape, and eco-friendly paper cushioning are employed, supporting sustainability and embracing a vegan-friendly approach.

      Eve Vegan Certified

      300 ml / 10 fl oz