Oloa Vai Balance Toner

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    • Indulge to the last drop – the Oloa Vai Balance Toner is a meticulously crafted, eco-luxe K-beauty essential. This skin-transforming, balancing toner encapsulates the essence of Oloa's commitment to purity and effectiveness, offering a distinctive fusion of skin-loving ingredients. 

      Designed to enhance overall skin texture and hydration, the Oloa Vai Balance Toner will give...

      • Hydration Glow
      • Smother Skin Texture
      • Mild Daily Exfoliation
      • Soothing & Calming

      With a low pH formula, the Oloa Vai Balancing Toner ensures locked-in skin suppleness, providing an essential foundation for your entire skincare ritual.

      Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside - Revitalizes stressed skin, fostering a harmonious complexion while enhancing skin regeneration.

      Green Tea - Shields your skin from environmental stressors, preventing premature aging and soothing irritation with antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory properties.

      Arnica - Reduces puffiness and calms your skin with anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to an even-toned complexion.

      Mugwort - Combats free radicals while promoting a youthful complexion, and soothes sensitive skin with rich antioxidants and calming properties.

      Allantoin - Keeps your skin calm and comfortable by reducing irritation, and promoting overall skin health with exceptional soothing properties.

      Panthenol - Provides enhanced skin hydration and elasticity, resulting in a smoother, more resilient texture.

      The Oloa Vai Balance Toner is a celebration of nature's elegance, carefully curated to bring balance to your skincare ritual. This hydrating formula, enriched with botanical extracts and skin-loving ingredients, promotes a serene and radiant complexion for all skin types.

      *clinically tested as non-irritating for sensitive skin

      120 ml / 4.05 fl oz