Paw & Palm Balancing Moisture Shampoo

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    • K-beauty for pets! A dog shampoo from the Korean skin barrier experts that created MLE® Barrier Technology! Keep your dog’s coat softer, shinier, and tangle-free with the Paw & Palm Balancing Moisture Shampoo. This 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo not only keeps your fur baby's hair cleaner for longer, but it also improves skin health and prevents skin-related issues. 

      This shampoo contains Coconut-derived cleansing ingredients without chemical surfactants to gently cleanse and condition your dog’s fur without irritating the skin or damaging the skin barrier. 

      Cut bath time in half! This shampoo also has conditioning ingredients which leave your dog’s coat soft and minimizes tangled, matted fur.

      This shampoo has been tested to:

      • show improvement in skin moisture content and skin moisture loss after use
      • prove its antibacterial properties

      Here are more reasons why Paw & Palm Balancing Moisture Shampoo is the best choice for your pet! 

      This shampoo strengthens the skin barrier and balances the pH level of your dog’s skin to prevent dryness, itchiness, and inflammation. 

      The 96% natural and highly moisturizing formula has been tested and proven to keep your dog’s skin safe, comfortable, moisturized, and balanced.

      Dog's skin is generally up to 5x weaker than human skin with a slightly more alkaline pH level which makes their skin more susceptible to skin conditions. 

      Paw & Palm Balancing Moisture Shampoo strengthens sensitive skin with patented MLE® Barrier Technology and ingredient Defensamide. These were created by expert researchers at ATOPALM who have researched the skin barrier for over 20 years.

      The relaxing herbal scent will soothe and de-stress your dog during bath time, and keep your dog odor-free for longer. The scent contains Eucalyptus as the top note, Jasmine, Rose, & Herbs as the middle notes, and Woody, Amber, and Musk as the base notes.

      This unique blend of herbs is also effective at repelling insects.

      Defensamide - Patented ingredient complex that reinforces a weakened skin barrier by soothing irritated skin and strengthening the moisture barrier.

      Coconut Derived Surfactant - Naturally derived surfactant from Coconut to effectively clean dust and waste without stripping the skin.

      Panthenol -  Provides moisture and nourishment to a dry and brittle coat.

      Hyaluronic Acid - Increases the skin's moisture and helps create a shiny coat.

      300ml / 10.5 fl oz

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