HSGN 1% Bakuchiol & Aquaporin Activator Eye Cream

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    • Finally, an all-in-one eye cream that delivers everything you need! Meet HSGN 1% Bakuchiol & Aquaporin Activator Eye Cream—made by skincare scientists for skinthusiasts that know their stuff!


      • Deep hydration that you can feel within 3 seconds and lasts all day
      • Visible skin firming and wrinkle reduction with daily use
      • Clear pore refining and skin smoothing 
      • Noticeable antioxidant boost that leads to brighter, healthier skin

      HSGN is a science-driven R&D-based skincare brand that brought us the best 2022 SkinCeuticals' Vitamin C serum dupe, the HSGN Pure 15% Vitamin C E Ferulic Acids Serum.

      This newly released HSGN 1% Bakuchiol & Aquaporin Activator Eye Cream features 1% Bakuchiol, the highest concentration of Bakuchiol recommended for the most effective and reliable anti-aging benefits. 

      1% Bakuchiol - A plant-based ingredient with similar properties as Retinol that treats hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

      2% Glyceryl Glucoside - A humectant that’s naturally found in blue-green algae. It stimulates Aquaporin (water channel) to work at the cellular level that’s clinically proven to deliver powerful and lasting hydration

      5% Panthenol - Provitamin B5 that rapidly delivers and holds moisture; also helps with skin recovery and softening

      0.2% Carnosine - A powerful peptide that helps to reduce oxidative stress, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin tone and texture

      1.5% Niacinamide - Vitamin B3 that improves pore health and appearance while providing skin clarity and brightening

      8 types of Hyaluronic Acids - Boosts skin recovery while reducing scarring and aids hydration skin plumping/firming

      26 types of Peptides + 7 types of Amino Acids  - Stimulate your skin to produce collagen to achieve firmer, youthful skin, while also helping to strengthen the skin’s resilience and health as well as maintaining hydration

      Probiotics - Improves overall skin condition by boosting skincare ingredients and balancing the skin’s microbiome

      Beta-Glucan - Boosts “skin immunity” while repairing damaged skin and plumping the skin for smoother and supple skin

      Ceramides - Bolstered with Cholesterol and Fatty Acids to aid in skin barrier repair and protection

      AQUAPORIN - When applied to the skin, Glyceryl Glucoside is derived from blue-green algae, and can stimulate our skin’s Aquaporin (water channel) to activate/intensify, which drives our skin to be hydrated from within the deeper layer to the skin barrier

      OLIVE CRYSTAL EMULSION - An olive-derived emulsifier that mimics the lamellar bilayer of our skin to prevent TEWL while delivering active ingredients to the skin.

      RESVERATROLSOME® - Powerful anti-aging polyphenols, Phyto-Alexine, and Resveratrol are effectively delivered through reliable liposome technology

      The HSGN 1% Bakuchiol & Aquaporin Activator Eye Cream is great for all skin types including sensitive skin, but best suited for dehydrated skin that wants firmer and smoother skin with lasting deep hydration.

      This eye cream can be safely used during pregnancy, for both AM and PM skincare routines.

      30 ml / 0.1 fl oz