Moss Hand Cream Pause

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    • Take a moment of pause with Moss Hand Cream Pause. Formulated from Korean skincare expertise, this luxurious hand cream resonates a fragrance that city dwellers crave.

      Pause Fragrance: Misty Earth - Lichen - Green Fig
      Fresh, green scent from moss, grass-filled forest surrounded by fog and wet earth.

      Expertly formulated with nourishing shea butter and Moss's exclusive Phytonical™ blend, it's not just another hand cream; it's a dermatologically tested, skin-loving choice.

      Say goodbye to dryness as you replenish lost moisture and create a protective barrier for soft, healthy hands while unveiling your hidden fragrance narrative.

      Moss's exclusive complex, Phytonical™: Phytonical™ is a proprietary blend meticulously crafted by Moss, bringing together four carefully selected extracts that capture the vitality and healing properties of nature. Derived from tiny mosses to pristine forest plants and trees, this ingredient nurtures rough skin, leaving it healthier and more radiant. (Phytonical™ = Icelandic Moss Extract, True Rose of Jericho Extract, Silver Birch Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Extract)

      More reasons to love this Korean hand cream...

      FRAGRANCE: Immerse yourself in a high fragrance concentration, and experience a subtle, long-lasting scent. We enhance it with verified premium fragrances approved by the International Fragrance Association at a 3-4% rate for an extended olfactory journey.

      PAPER: The packaging is made from recyclable FSC-certified paper. Please open it along the easy-cut line.

      LABEL: The eco-friendly ECF paper label easily peels off the container. Before use, remove the label to reveal the hidden fragrance story.

      DISPENSER: Designed to minimize air contact, the container and cap are tailored to the cream's volume. Start with 1-2 uses using the cap, then switch to the pump for added convenience.

      PACKAGING: Moss is committed to reducing plastic and vinyl usage. We employ recycled paper boxes, paper tape, and eco-friendly paper cushioning, reflecting our ongoing dedication to sustainability and a vegan-friendly approach.

      With Moss Hand Cream, experience a blend of nature's finest and modern skincare excellence, creating a moment of pause, renewal, and ultimate self-discovery for your hands.

      Eve Vegan Certified

      30 ml / 1.01 fl oz