T'else 3-Step Kombucha Hydro Glow Routine

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    • Experience the T'else 3-Step Kombucha Hydro Glow Routine that delivers the ultimate Korean glass skin that's all the rage! Clarified skin with enough nourishment to get your skin bursting with a healthy glow? Yes, please!

      1. Kombucha Hydro Glow Essence (150 ml) is infused with antioxidants from Kombucha Extract and Probiotics that clarify yet calm and nourish the skin. Beneficial for sensitive or dehydrated skin, this is a multitasker that soothes and balances the skin as a toner while delivering powerful antioxidant benefits as an essence.

      2. Kombucha Hydro Glow Ampoule (30 ml) enhances skin radiance while improving and evening out skin tone and texture. Powered by Kombucha, this golden ampoule gently clears dead skin cells to boost moisture. Achieve glowing skin free of irritations!

      3. Kombucha Hydro Glow Cream (50 ml) nourishes, brightens, firms, and moisturizes for the ultimate "glass skin." Its gel-cream texture with moisturizing ingredients makes this cream ideal for all skin types.

      This routine is perfect for dehydrated, sensitive, or dull skin that's seeking a glowing skin routine!

      Kombucha - Derived from fermenting Black Tea, Kombucha is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that clarify pores, prevent signs of aging, and deliver a healthy glow.

      Triple Hyaluronic Acids - Locks in and plumps skin with moisture in multiple layers of the skin to boost skin elasticity.

      Probiotics - Known as the 'good bacteria' that keep the skin in a balanced state and naturally protect the skin from environmental toxins and bacteria. Probiotics also help calm skin conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea.

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